Inspiring Mamas from Across the USA – We LOVE You!

Inspiring Mamas from Across the USA – We LOVE You!

We recently kicked off a nationwide search for amazing moms and asked you to make recommendations. You. Did. Not. Disappoint. The stories you submitted brought tears to our eyes and made us ever so grateful and humbled and inspired by the millions of ways parents do amazing things every day.

We randomly chose a winner from each state (though, you're ALL winners in our book!). And we encourage you to grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea or whatever beverage you wish (along with some tissues) to read these nominations oozing with love and awesomeness. 

And we invite you to share more stories of amazing moms in the comments! You can never share too much love :)

Here are our randomly selected, amazing moms from each state* (alphabetically listed) and what their nominators had to say about them...

Note: If a state is missing from the list, it means no one from that state was nominated :(



Amy said: My mom raised my sister and I as a single parent our whole lives. She has always worked so hard to ensure we had everything we could need/want. She has also devoted her adult life to taking care of her elderly sick parents. She always puts her family before herself and anything else. She currently works 7 days a week and doesn’t ever complain about it and still makes time for her grandbabies, Noah and Hadley. I try to tell her just how much I appreciate her but can’t ever find the words to truly describe my appreciation. She taught me how to be the best mother I could be, by being the best mother and Nana herself. I don’t know what I would do without her and I hope she always knows just how much I love her!

ARIZONA: Krissy P.

Sadee said: Krissy is an amazing mom. She started back at work when our baby was barely 7 weeks old and though she still cries about it, she handles it like a champ. She’s so strong and I’m so proud of her every day for providing for us. Not only is she an amazing mom, she’s an amazing wife. She gave me my dream of being a stay at home mom so I get to hang out with our beautiful daughter Bowie every day (we're lesbians if that helps this story make more sense). Krissy is the epitome of selfless, strong, and joyful. Through 9 months of pregnancy and 19 hours of labor, she always had a smile on her face. An hour after she popped out our baby she said she can’t wait to do it again. This girl is something else. She deserves the world.


Charity said: I'm honoring my sister, Hannah. She is 2.5 years younger than I am but has always taken the role of big sister, helping and protecting me. I was born with 3 fingers on each hand and arms that are fused in a bent position, I have very little movement in my fingers. By the age of 3 she was helping me button my dresses and put on my socks and shoes. She would stop playing with our friends to help me fix my hair or tie my shoes in the middle of a game. She has gone through multiple miscarriages and is currently pregnant with her miracle baby, Gracie. She was the one that cared for me when I went through my miscarriage, she sat with me while i cried and helped me change my oversized depends, reassuring me that it would be okay. She cared for our grandmother so she didn't have to go into a nursing home, she cared for our mother when she was very sick. I can't tell you how selfless and caring she is, in just 500 words. If anyone deserves to win, it's definitely my baby sister, who would tell you otherwise.❤


Samuel said: I would like to honor my wife. Together we have 4 children (all girls- ages: 8 months, 2, 6, and 9. Our story is really crazy and I know she’s drawn to this brand because of the material, but also because of Dax’s story in being sober. We got married 11 years ago at the age of 20 and decided to get sober from opiates at 24 7.5 years ago. We lost a everything to addiction and many times wouldn’t have diapers for our oldest daughter who was 2 at the time. Thankfully we had an intervention and were at the end of the road in our addiction. In recovery, my wife has dedicated her life to helping other women find sobriety and does a lot of advocate work for women and children seeking support, while trying to get clean. This population is so underserved and her and my oldest daughter support a foundation in sharing their story and doing a recent documentary and several speaking engagements... and have helped raise over 1.5 million dollars the past 2 years. She continues to work her own recovery, show up for our kids, and works extremely hard to help provide for our family. She is so selfless in helping other people and a lot of times forgets to carve out time for her. She is really into holistic healing and lives a plant based life (a true hippie)- she finds joy in the smallest things and is naturally a healing and bright energy- I would love to surprise her with this gift (she actually started buying hello bello and telling her friends all about it). Please support me in supporting her and letting her know that she is appreciated!


Karen said: Diana is an incredible mother to two beautiful girls, Eliana (4) and Camila (2). She is raising them to be strong, confident, compassionate, outspoken, and loving women, just as she is. One of my favorite stories of Eliana is from a time when she was 2, and she was at the park, playing with an older little boy and a girl about her age. As they were playing the boy began to pick on a little girl. Eliana was not having it, she stood up to him and told him that he needed to stop being so mean, that she and the little girl were big and strong, that girls are just as strong as boys are. From a young age, Eliana was taught to stand up for herself, for others, and that she is strong and powerful, as all women are because that is who her mother is. Camila is already one of the most loving people you’ll ever meet. She gives the best hugs and constantly reminds the people around them how much she loves them, just to see them smile. Watching Diana raise these two incredible girls has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Diana is also my older sister, my best friend, and has always a been a second mother to me. It was Diana who taught me to see my own strength, to fight for what I believe in, to give back to others, and to respect and accept everyone not in spite of our differences, but because of them. I am so grateful to have her in my life and I'm so excited to continue to watch her grow as a mother. Diana is someone who has always believed in helping others and working to make her community a better place. In addition to being a fantastic mother, Diana is also a full-time social worker. She has worked with survivors of sexual assault, low-income children and families, and most recently began a job working with veterans at the VA. Diana is also bilingual in English and Spanish. From a young age, Diana would translate not only our family but for anyone around who needed help. When she began her career as a social worker, it was incredibly important to Diana that she be able to provide services to those who need them most. Diana is an inspiration to everyone around her. She is the strongest, fiercest, most kick-ass woman I know! Diana is beyond deserving of being honored and recognized for being such a bright light in this world. I love her more than words can express and I am proud and grateful to have her in my life.


Zachary said: I am honoring Tabitha because she is the most amazing mother to our son. Her dedication to him and our family never ceases to amaze me. She goes above and beyond for him and sacrifices so much. She is a stay at home mom who quit her job to stay home with him to give him the best care possible. While pregnant with our son she ended up developing kidney issues and it constantly passing and forming more stones, but she’s a trooper and keeps passing them without complaint and doesn’t let that interfere with doing everything she can for us. No one deserves this more than her. She loves your products so I hope you pick her as a winner.


Terri said: The past 3 years of life have been very rough. I have 3 children ( one has a disability) she was born at 7 months gestation. She has brain damage but my tenacity took her to a level where you would never know she has anything wrong with her. I also obtained my bachelor's degree while my daughter was in the NICU for 56 days and now Im 4 classes shy from having a master's degree! Every parent deserves to be honored but preemie parents have just gone through the toughest times, many highs and lows. I have 2 boys and 1 girl and they light up my life and make everyday worth living. Even with their attitudes and fussiness and good aim for throwing things lol, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!


Eileen said: Marly is my cousin who recently became a mommy. She is an amazing person and great mommy. My cousin also has done a lot of her community by spreading the word of kindness. She is the founder of PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness) Project. @wepark She is a TedTalk speaker and speaks at different places and schools to spread this beautiful message.


Tori said: Kerri is the best mother in the world to her son Dean. She loves him more than anything and would do anything in the world for him. She’s also very supportive of me being a new mother too. Anytime I’ve been down about not being able to breastfeed as long as I wanted to, or thinking I’m not doing a good job, she’s always been there for me to lift my spirits. She’s not only a wonderful mother but a wonderful person as well. She’s kind to strangers and children. I met her working at a child development center but she’s also worked at assisted living facilities. She’s just always looking to help others whenever she can. She’s a navy wife which makes being a mother even harder because her husband isn’t always home. He got to be there for the birth of his son but had to leave literally the very next day. She had to care for Dean all by herself until he returned home three months later. She is the strongest and kindest woman I’ve ever met and deserves this more than anyone. Please consider my friend Kerri Darius for this prize.

HAWAII: Chantelle L.

Nicole said: I am nominating my sister Chantelle Luarca for her sacrifices and for being the best Mom Boss out there! She is a school principal and a mother to my niece, Amelia Luarca (1 year & 4 months). She works full time and takes pride in her school (Preschool - 8th grade). She's constantly making sure the children are in good hands and learning every day. She goes home after a long day and still able to care for her daughter. She is such an inspiration to me because I am a stay at home mom and I cannot imagine having a big priority aside from being a mother. She truly deserves the world! Thank you.

IDAHO: Kaitlin J.

Linda said: Kaitlin is a single mom of two young girls, aged 2 and 5, who she is raising to be smart, independent, and socially conscious. She is a public servant, working full time to improve public transportation in the greater Boise area as the Mobility Director for Valley Regional Transit. She began her work in public transportation by creating a program to take refugees to and from work. Kaitlin is always looking for ways to help underserved groups, and supports charity programs that aim to improve the lives of others. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Sustainable Transportation from the University of Washington. Kaitlin is one of those people that does so much for everyone else that you wonder how she can possibly do it all. It is her commitment to being an agent for positive change that makes me so proud to call her my friend.


Froilan said: Ash is a phenomenal parent who tirelessly gives back to other mother's and parents through art, story telling, and support via 4th Trimester Bodies Project and other endeavors. Despite being a mother of 4, ash works most Mother's Day's (this one included - traveling to LA away from our family here in Chicago) to honor and celebrate other women, parents, and mothers. I'd love to give her just a little something back.

INDIANA: Suzanne G.

Natalie said: As my older sister, I was exposed to Suzanne’s motherly side far before she ever became a mom. She has always looked out for me and those she loves, and getting to see her channel all of that loving and motherly energy into her son, Malcolm, now is such a privilege to witness. From the beginning she has challenged notions of tradition and convention. She met her husband on tumblr, moved hundreds of miles away from home, and built a life and family where love always has space flourish. Almost a year before Malcolm was born, they adopted their third cat, Hopscotch. Losing one of her legs in a traumatic accident, she was an incredibly scared and vulnerable little cat. Suzanne took all of the information about trauma-informed care that she knew, and used it to create a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for her new fur baby. Thanks to this, Hopscotch slowly but surely came out of her shell, and is now happily playing and cuddling with the whole family. Not only has Suzanne provided her family with radical love, but she is now spreading it to her community by creating Plus Size Breastfeeding. She created this online community so that moms and caregivers with bodies that are traditionally marginalized could be represented. There is so much stigma surrounding both breastfeeding (particularly in public) and being plus size, and Suzanne faces those stigmas boldly and head on. Since I was born, she has been working to create safe an inclusive spaces, and today she is a master. I am so proud of her for not only everything she has done for her family, but everything she is doing for moms and families around the world. No matter how many challenges are thrown her way, she always rises to the occasion and goes above and beyond to leave the world better than she found it. Any stigma or pain she encounters, she speaks up about in hopes to make someone else’s journey easier and less lonely. I am so excited to see where this next chapter of her life takes her, both as a mom and an advocate. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of praise and recognition, and I am so proud that she is my sister.

IOWA: Erin B.

Stvn said: Erin works very hard with what free time she has helping to get legislation passed and policy changes in the state of Iowa for special needs children and their families wether it be legality of cbd use for treatment of epilepsy and rare diseases to more specialized classroom environments so these kids can have a more typical school environment. She’s done a lot for the protections of not only her son but all of the special needs children in Iowa and she’s still fighting for more while running a small business and being a single mother.


Travis said: Kati is the strongest woman I know. She is genuinely the kindest and most caring person I’ve ever met. She works at night as a nurse in a neo-natal ICU, then spends her days taking care of and loving our 9-month old adopted daughter, Marlowe. In her limited free time, she offered to help her mom out by taking a day out of her week to babysit her nephews. Literally all she does is help other people. I’d be completely lost without her. Kati is generous, loving, and incredibly charitable, so I wanted to enter her into this because she, of all people, truly deserves to win something. Kati is an incredible person, and I think she’d be a great choice as the winner for Kansas!


Leila said: My mother has 19 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren with 2 on the way. She cares for my children (7years and 5 months) daily and any of the others that need a sitter. She never asks for a dime. I started using hello bello on my youngest and my mother loves the brand! She has bought hello bello for all of her grandchildren!


Kaitlin said: This is my mom. She is amazing. She has been teaching math to kids for years. She also tutors! She does it all and takes care of her family. My grandmother recently was having problems with her heart and my mother acted as her nurse while teaching high school boys and tutoring. Also my little brother has been sick this entire year (senior year of high school) she has been taking care of him also. All while getting her house ready to sell while my stepfather started his new job in Chicago in Oct. She is just so strong. Bot to mention losing her brother and father within 4 months of each other in 2016. She is an amazingly strong woman and I hope I can be just like her to my children and family.


Julie said: Heidi as been my best friend for over 15 years. She is one of the strongest people I know and her strength was tested last year when she gave birth to her first child earlier than expected after complications. Her daughter spent quite some time in the NICU but through her and her husbands strength and love and faith their daughter got better and stronger and she finally got to take her beautiful baby girl home. She is such an amazing mom and her little Luann is now a year old is so healthy it’s amazing to see what a Mother’s strength will do. And now they are having another child and I know if anyone deserves to be a mother it is my best friend.


Devin said: Krista is the HARDEST working mother i have ever met! She has two little girls, works a very stressful job (we work in the same office) and never skips a beat! she doesn’t miss a dance practice, soccer game, dinner or bedtime. I’ve truly never met someone who does it all and still shares and gives so much to others. I was in transition with apartments for 5 months and she welcomed me into her home with open arms and no questions, she wouldn’t accept anything from me. Seeing her at home and how she can go from this job to being so patient and loving to her daughters astounded me. What really got me though was her heart in it. She truly wants to be there for these small moments with her kids, it means something to her. She doesn’t mind her 5 year old screaming MAMA as soon as she leaves at bedtime, or getting in i love you more battles, it astounds me how much love this woman has to give. Krista has a very severe migraine and headache problem that doctors haven’t been able to control for 15 years, she often describes them as “stabbing” pains if I’m checking in on her. But don’t be too fooled, she’s not complaining when i discuss these with her, she never complains about this. Another shocking fact i don’t understand with people yelling at her on the phone all day and kids chatter by night. Not to mention she’s the coolest Pearl Jam fan around ;) she’s ten years older than me and i feel lucky to have a friend with such age difference because i can learn what i want to be like one day, and get the benefit of that motherly love. I try and honor this woman as much as i can in small favors but nothing could ever compare! I truly am grateful for her and i wish More people could know her. She describes her life as simple, happy and filled with love and i don’t know what’s more honorable than that. Thanks for listening to me brag about my friend! She also loves your products she has mentioned how natural the lavender makes her children smell after a bath! :) xox

MICHIGAN: Danielle C.

Bill said: My wife Danielle started writing and recording songs for our 3-year old twins because she wanted them to be able to celebrate the small, simple things and the world around them. The songs are about getting kids to admire the world outside their window with subject matter ranging from digging in the dirt, cauliflower and big red hens, to name a few. Through FB and instagram postings, people started taking notice and Danielle found herself wanting to use the songs as a jumping off point to give back to the community. If a kid could get the chance to take a seed, plant it, nurture it and watch it reach fruition, and then actually enjoy the fruits (or veg) of their labor with their family, who knows what impact that would have on that child. She started reaching out to local and national seed companies to see if they would be interested in donating free seed packets to the Grotown Seed Initiative. The response was pleasantly shocking to say the least. Ace Hardware, Annie’s Heirloom Seeds and Bordine’s Nursery gladly donated thousands of seed packets to the initiative. She then contacted local libraries with a focus on lower income area libraries to see if they would be interested in letting kids “checkout” seed packets to take home and plant - all for free! Again, the response was overwhelming. 20 metro Detroit libraries loved the idea and agreed to “host” a seed station. In addition, Danielle has been performing her songs at various libraries as well and talking to kids about gardening and the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with growing your own food. She works on the Motown is Grotown initiative every day, seeking no payment for her efforts. She believes there are kids out there who just need that one thing to make an imprint, to set them on a trajectory towards a fulfilling life and so far the response has been awesome!


Sherri said: She is involved with Stories Foundation 501(c)3 (human trafficking education), working on finishing her masters in social work, about to start her internship at the local juvenile detention center, she just got licensed to be a respite foster care giver, tries to use only all natural cleaners all while raising 4 children and being an amazing wife. I couldn't be more proud to call this woman and her family my friends!


Miranda said: Tiffany is my cousin and best friend. She currently lives 6 hours away from me but we talk daily and I could not live without her. She has 3 boys, and lost her fiancé in 2017 to suicide. Tiffany has over come so much in her life and continues to do so. She lives her life with such and elegant way. She makes sure her boys know they are loved and that they are happy. Tiffany is the person you want to know. She will literally drop everything to help someone, she doesn’t need to know them to care. I have never met such a giving and selfless person. She just purchased her first home at the age of 27 and I could not be more proud of her. She is the person I hope to be. I know there isn’t a person who would be more appreciative of this gift and who deserves a better mother’s day.


Ash said: Hello!!! I’m nominating my sister Dani because she is truly an inspiration for me and many others in our community. She works as an oncology nurse at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis and is so so passionate about her job. She loves her patients and their family’s and puts so much effort into making sure they have the best care!! Besides working a very demanding and mentally draining job, she also has a little boy named Bennett (my precious little nephew!) she’s THE BEST mom and puts her baby first in every aspect of her life. Recently, her father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. This was obviously a huge shock to the entire family. My sister, along with the rest of the family, was devastated by the news. Dani has continued to be a source of information for the family, a wonderful wife to her husband, and a beyond excellent mother, even during these super challenging times!! She is SO deserving of this mom giveaway!! I know getting this would help brighten a very hard and dark time she and the rest of her family is going through!


Erika said: Lisa is an amazing mom! She has a heart for foster care and has taken in many children, adopted 2 and now has a newborn sister of the girl they just adopted. She is dedicated to giving these kiddos all the love and awesome life experiences they deserve!


Ashley said: Tina is a pharmacist in my small town community who helps more people than anyone I have ever known. She takes a personal interest in everyone in the community and is always available to help someone in need. She does all this while being an amazing mom to her 4 kids! I'm a first time mom and she has helped me so much in the last few months with everything. She has been such a support system to myself and so many others in our community.

NEVADA: Kristy H.

Joan said: She owns @StrawberryCookieNV a children’s boutique. Also Kristy4412 on Facebook and her store is StrawberryCookieNV on Facebook

Tell us why you're honoring this person. I would love to honor Kristy as she is an amazing daughter, mother, friend, and business woman. She juggles home life, kid life and work life all while keeping a smile and making it look easy. She is caring and supportive to everyone around her. She deserves recognition for her hard work and intense dedication.

NEW JERSEY: Melissa F.

Nicole said: First let me just say I know SO many incredible moms, with of course my own being one. It was super hard to choose who I wanted to nominate, but I tried to think of who the bundle would be the most helpful to. I have known Melissa for as long as I can remember. She is technically a step-cousin to me, but that would be the last way I'd ever describe her. She feels more like a sister or even bonus mom to me. She works full-time, raises two adorable children, Charlie and Sammi, and is going back to school online at night after the kids are asleep to soon become a teacher. I don't know where she finds all the hours in a day, but she does. She never misses any sporting or school event her child needs her for and still makes her way to volunteer at the baseball field. Yet even with her busy schedule, I know if I ever call her she'd be there in a second. I look up to her immensely and hope I someday am half the mom she is. Her kids are my absolute favorite children who I feel like are partially mine. They are a reflection of how she raises them and although I'm a little biased I think she couldn't be doing a better job. Sometimes it's hard, but at the end of the day all mom's are just trying to bring up kind and compassionate children. I think Melissa is nailing it. I would love for her to be honored in anyway because I think she truly deserves it and every mom can always use that little boost.


Lisa Ann said: Molly is the most selfless, hardworking woman i've ever met. She leads our girl scout troop, and always puts together amazing things for the troop to do. To teach the kids about crime scene forensics, she setup an elaborate "murder" scene with a giant teddy bear and the kids had to collect evidence and process it at various stations. She does things like that each week. She also volunteers for the PTA, as well as works cleaning houses, and is always the first to show up with a hot dish for a friend in need. When I had a miscarriage she came and cleaned my house, and brought me some donuts i was craving. She brings soup when your sick, and she's always there to help out when her friends need help with childcare. I hope you pick her. She deserves it and more.

NEW YORK: Meredith H.

Erin said: First of all, she started her own company (link above!) that helps athletes use their resources for good. She’s involved in so many awesome causes, most recently “yourmomcares”, which seeks to help with mental health issues! She’s doing all of this literally 4 weeks after giving birth to her second little girl, Zara. Since she’s self employed, Meri essentially took no maternity leave but rather “gave herself” two weeks before she got back to emails and all that. She’s amazing, she inspires me, and she’s a huge source of support for our core group of mama friends. I recommend her highly!


Sandra said: Heather is just a terrific person. Before becoming a wife and Mom, Heather would gather friends to make cupcakes for the homeless in Charlotte, NC. Heather is a devoted wife to her husband Jesse. Heather became a Mom 20 months ago to her son Nova. She battled postpartum depression. She was very open about her struggles in hopes of helping another Mom through the same ordeal. After her son was born, Heather completed her 4-year degree and graduated from Eastern Carolina University. All this while working fulltime and breastfeeding her son. On April 3rd, 2019 Heather had a daughter Gaia. She's juggling being a Mom to two small children, breastfeeding her daughter, and returning to work full-time next week. Although Heather has her own personal struggles, she loves to make people smile and laugh. Spend just a few moments with her and you'll find her quick wit as entertaining as I do. I've known this beautiful young Mom since she was born. I've never been blessed with a child of my own. But having her in my life the past 29 years, I don't feel I've missed out on anything. Happy Mother's Day Heather! Love, Mommy#2


Zachary said: Alicia is a friend, wife, mother of almost 2 (due May 28th), and a social worker. She has been an incredible inspiration on how to be a good parent as well as a good person. She has one of the hardest jobs as a child protective services worker. She works with families to make things better and when that's not the case she has to remove the child from their home for their safety. On top of a challenging job, she and her husband are raising an incredible little girl named Lily and soon their son. Overall she has been someone my wife and I go to for help with our first child and a parent we aspire to be.

OHIO: Sara R.

Jessica said: Sara is a great mom to 3 beautiful living children and one angel baby. She does a lot for them and it often goes unnoticed. Sara loves her family and takes care of them always, often sacrificing her own needs for theirs. She may not have a lot of money but she and her husband do the best they can to provide for their little ones. She’s a wonderful mother!

OKLAHOMA: Elizabeth K.

Rebekah said: Elizabeth is my sister and I want to honor her because I feel she is doing some of the bravest and challenging parenting out there as a foster mom to a 3-year-old, 2-year-old and 10-month-old. She is single and works full time and has dedicated the last 16 months to this sibling group and making sure they have the best childhood. As if opening her home to foster wasn’t enough, she also uses her talents as a baker, and social media following to support local foster care organizations through diaper/wipe drives and currently a pajama and undies drive in honor of our mama that we lost way too soon two years ago. I have also seen her support so many moms in rural Oklahoma (once gathering enough support via social media to help another single mama buy a used fridge within 24 hrs when hers died overnight). Right now though I would love to give her a little extra support because she recently found out that she may not get to be the forever mama for her babies and it is honestly the hardest thing I have ever seen her go through! Also, she LOVES hellobello and I have literally seen her go to multiple Walmarts just to track down her favorite products. Love what you guys do and love my sister!


Kayla said: Kay began an amazing project called The MOTHER. project. It is bringing women/mothers of all types, hyping them up, showing them they’re not alone, providing a safe and comforting community & capturing their new and improved confidence and the fire that is lit inside their soul once they share their stories, hear others and come together s the most enriching community of mothers.


Seth said: My wife is a giver - she takes care of everyone who comes our way & all our friends kids are her kids. Expectant mom, new parent, single parent, parent of tantrum throwing toddler in the grocery store - she has an encouraging word for them all. Sick? She Will make an amazing meal. Tired - she will babysit. Need help - she is waiting with an understanding ear, a warm hug, and is probably going to do your dishes afterwords. I know that kind of servitude and love doesnt come easy and is a conscious effort to make sure no one feels isolated on this journey called life. Her friends call her the mom guru & baby whisperer and I know thats what she is to our three kids. I cant imagine parenting without her calm, determined, loving nature beside me. Shes an amazing woman. Her strength, honesty, and nuturing personality which is so consistent it looks effortless is anything but. She puts in the hard work over and over again for everyone in her ciricle. None of our lives would be the same without her and thats why I nominate her.


Samantha P. said: Sam has been a huge help and inspiration to so many new mommas here in New England. As a first time mom working 3 jobs, while her daughter is now 9 months old (that crazy “oh crap she’s crawling all over” stage), she has been through so much. She is hard working, strong, dedicated, wise and humble. Sam realized she wanted to help others going through the same experiences, and that’s exactly what she has done. She started a new mother’s support group within the New England volleyball community titled “Volleyball Mama’s for the Win (Although all moms are welcome) and has become a major resource for so many! From sharing important articles and research, to questions & advice, recommendations on local specialists and baby products, and more. She has orchestrated a baby clothing swap party and is planning several more baby & mom bonding events over this summer. What’s more is that Sam has created a community - a tribe. In this tribe women support, guide, trust, lean on, and raise each other up. It’s unlike anything I’ve been apart of in my entire life, and it’s wonderful. I had a difficult beginning to motherhood and am expecting many ups and downs while raising my daughter and I am so grateful to have this community of women and fellow mothers to lean on. I truly want to thank, and honor, Sam Amaral for giving it to me and so many others.


Beth said: Carolina doesn’t really have time to volunteer or anything like that because she is just 20 years old and pregnant with her first baby. Even though she doesnt do these extraordinary things, she inspires me so much. She came from a home that she didn’t always feel loved in and has worked her butt off since the day I met her between multiple jobs in order to provide for herself. Now that she has a baby on the way, she’s still working so hard in order to make sure her son has the best life while her fiancé is away training to be a firefighter. She helped me realize potential I had in myself and was one of the main factors in my decision to study abroad for four months. She pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and made me get my life together to go after what I wanted. She is constantly pushing everyone around her to be the best versions of themselves possible. Carolina may not make a lot of grand gestures or be able to donate her time as much to volunteering, but she is such a bright and shining postive force not only on my life, but everyone around her. Her son is going to be so lucky to have a mom like her.


Kylee said: My sister is such an incredible Air Force mom and wife! She is a stay at home mom to a four year and old and a two year old. She is currently living in South Dakota, she’s a two day drive away from all of her family and friends. She is currently homeschooling her four year old and is amazing at it! She works hard for her family and very rarely gets a break, yet she never complains. She is seriously the most incredible, mom, sister, and wife I know!


Andrew said: I’m nominating my wife, Haley, because there is no one more deserving of this than her. In our home, she is an extraordinary mom (adoptive, foster, biological, canine and one man-child/husband)! It is remarkable how much she does for us in our home considering how much she accomplishes at work and in the community. She has served children with developmental disabilities and their families in their homes in innercity Memphis, specifically in some of America's poorest urban zip-codes for the past 8 years. She is endorsed by the state association as a specialist in infant mental health and has a holistic, family-centered approach in her work. She also supervises 24 other early intervention therapists, which includes supporting them as they inevitably encounter the challenges and rewards of working with a vulnerable population. Her volunteer work includes serving at our neighborhood elementary school (where our oldest is in kindergarten), our church's children's ministry, and The University of Memphis Alumni Association. She is truly a remarkable woman, somehow managing to be both the primary bread-winner and the primary bread preparer in our family. I don't know how she does it all, and still manages to keep up with her two other passions in life: the Memphis Grizzlies and the Armchair Expert podcast.

TEXAS: Alexis W.

Mikell said: ’d like to honor my wife as the best mother out there. In the past 4 years we have had 10 foster children, two of whom we have now adopted, and a surprise pair of twins my wife gave birth to back in October. She is such a selfless, loving, and giving mother. If that weren’t enough, she has cared for so many other kids as a pre-k teacher. She is just a natural motherly figure and devotes her life and our home to helping kids and showing them the love that they all deserve. I honestly don’t know how she does it! As a father of four, people often tell me that I must be a saint. But, I just have to shovel all the praise and credit onto my wife because I would be lost without her. On top of that, she is constantly trying to think of ways to better care for our kids while also being environmentally conscious. That’s what led her to first discovere Hello Bello. As parents of twins, you can imagine we go through diapers like they’re going out of style. She was so excited to find something that could lessen the impact we would have on the environment. I could probably write 5,000,000 more words about how great and deserving Alexis is to win this prize, but hopefully you get the idea!

UTAH: Nicole R.

Parker said: My wife Nicole is the best mother out there. We are currently homeless living with my parents and she makes the best of it. We struggle everyday but she always makes sure our son never goes without. She will spend anything for him and never a single cent for herself. She works so that we can buy a home of our own even though it keeps her away from our son and breaks her heart daily. She loves this brand and I know that this would totally bring her so much happiness.

VIRGINIA: Whitney T.

Kevin said: My wife Whitney is a amazing women. She has had two of our beautiful children back to back over the last two years. She has persevered through postpartum depression, sleepless nights, long work day. She never cease to amaze me. She loves with her whole heart and I would like to honor her.


Haley said:  Natalie is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She was meant to be a mother. For as long as she can remember, she has wanted children. Her and her husband struggled for several years - close to a decade. They went through several rounds of IVF, they tried alternative medicine, they tried medicine from other countries, they tried everything they could to become parents. Finally, after so many years of putting their bodies through all that they could take, so many losses, and so many tears, they had their miracle baby. And then a few years later, they had their second miracle baby. Both pregnancies were high-risk and both children were preemies. Through all of the struggles, Natalie continued to support and respect everyone around her. While she was going through hell she continued to make sure everyone around her was doing okay. Now that Natalie has two beautiful children of her own, her parenting amazes me. The appreciation and gratefulness is so apparent. She does everything she can to be the best mom she can be for these children. She makes sure they feel loved every day. She makes sure they are always experiencing quality time with family, friends, and loved ones whenever possible. She is always trying to better herself as a parent by reading parenting books and articles, going to conferences, listening to podcasts, and reflecting on the ups and downs of the day. While there are always challenges with parenting, I have never seen Natalie lose her patience. The respect she has for her children is unlike anything I have ever seen before. In addition to how great of a mom she is to her two children, she is also a mother in other ways. She is the president of a marketing company and always makes sure those she works with feel appreciated, no matter how big or small their role in the company is. She Is always stepping up to the plate whenever and wherever she can. She volunteers at her children’s schools. She volunteered to be a Girl Scout leader for her daughters troop. She volunteers as an event planner for their neighborhood. She goes above and beyond wherever she can. And she does it all with love and respect for those she interacts with. I know Natalie because she hired me as a nanny for her children two years ago. When I moved to the area I knew nobody. She treated me as family almost immediately. Now I can’t imagine my life without the Gossett family because they are truly family to me now, even if they are not blood relatives. She always makes sure I’m taken care of. If I feel unsafe at my apartment or am going through some rough life issues, she’s the first one to offer a helping hand, whether that’s a listening ear, someone to give advice, or a place to stay where I can feel safe and loved. She is an inspiration.


Anna said: I’m nominating my daughter because in November 2017, she delivered twin babies for someone else. She completed her surrogate journey and blessed complete strangers (now friends) with two beautiful and healthy babies. She also did this while she was active duty in the United States Coast Guard. She is now a veteran and stationed in Washington,D.C. with her husband (active duty military), and two babies. I wanted to nominate her because she’s always thinking of other people and never herself.


Cassie said:  I would like to honor Jessi with this because she’s busy taking care of everyone else, and sometimes just a little “hey I see you, you’re rocking it” can keep a mom going. She battled infertility for three years with unempathetic military doctors and while being away from her family and circle of people during these heartbreaking times. Being a nurse myself and one of her best friends, I got to personally be apart of their journey, by giving her the first infertility shot. I’ve personally seen her strength through every heartbreaking failed attempt. Her journey comes full circle when prayers were finally answered with the most amazing gift; twin baby girls. I watched her go through nine months of pregnancy alone, while her husband served our country. Jessi strives to give everyone in her life the best the world has to offer and it’s been no surprise to watch her become the best mom to those girls. She runs social groups for mommas, groups for infertility, groups for figuring out which new products are best for their kids.. why because she truly cares about others and wants other women to feel empowered. To feel that they are doing the best they can. To know they are not alone. Just like any momma, she has a fear of not doing enough, of not being the perfect mom. (Trust me, she is) She never expects anything in return, I think this recognition will give her the confidence, affirmation and boost that she deserves. She’s truly one of the best people I know and I love for this Mother’s Day to be a memorable one!


Trinity said: She is a loving, giving, kind, calm patient wonderful mom of 6. Recently had her 6th baby and is trying to overcome delivery complications. Though daily activities is a struggle she stays patient and gives her all in everything she does. She not letting this stuff get her down! Every day she continues to move forward and give her kids all shes got! She loves above and beyond for her kids and tries to provide the best life possible for them. "When the tough gets going, the going gets tougher!!”


Whitney said: Mary just gave birth 6 weeks ago to her third child. A surprise caboose. She does it all. As the mother of one I bow down to her. She’s a strong woman that deserves a lot of recognition yet never looks for it. One of the most selfless people I know.

KUDOS to all of these extraordinary moms!! We'd LOVE to hear about more fabulous caretakers out there, so share your stories and recommendations in the comments!!



I was inspired by my coworker , Katie, to try your products for my son’s new child. His mommy is extremely pleased with them. Imagine having a diaper that is earth friendlier AND works. I’m a baby nurse in a hospital. I really think hospitals should consider using a product like this. I think mournfully of all of the disposable diapers that I contributed to the earth when raising my two sons ( now ages 27 and 31) but such a drop in the bucket compared to large users like hospitals . Perhaps large corps that produce diapers are able to provide them at a good price as an advert mechanism. Someday, Some Day— Hello
Bello will be able to do the same.
Becky Southern , Grandmother Of GJ Southern, Proud user of your diapers!

Becky Southern on

I am a 19 yr old mom of 3 boys. I became a mom at 15 years old. The “father” has not been in the picture since I found out I was pregnant.
While trying to finish my senior year of high school early in an excellerated credit recovery program, I met the love of my life. He became a great father figure for my 4 yr old, and gave me 2 more beautiful boys, an 21 month old and a 6.5 month old. Unfortunetly my SO has gone down a dark path and has been having a hard time. Hes recovering from addiction which as led me to practically being a single mom of 3 boys. Im currently staying with my mother, working, and going to school while my SO is working on getting better, all so I can eventually become 100% independent and give my babies the absolute best. Its been immensely difficult, but I will continue to work hard and fight for my family for as long as it takes. All is which why I am so grateful you created this company to be acessible and affordable. I now purchase all your products and use everything on my boys. We love the quality, and I love that they are safe and natural. Thank you for thinking of low income families like us when creatinng such an amazing brand.

Victoria Hernandez on

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