Making Diapers More Affordable

Making Diapers More Affordable

When we started Hello Bello in 2019, our simple mission was to provide premium products for all parents. We believe that parents should not have to sacrifice quality or choose between their baby or their budget. With one in three families struggling to afford diapers, making premium essentials affordable is our north star. 

From the beginning, our partnership with Walmart played a large role in allowing us to make high quality products at affordable prices. As anyone buying in bulk knows, cost per unit goes down as you increase your quantities. The exact same is true in manufacturing our premium diapers. By finding a partner in Walmart, we were able to ensure that our high quality products would be widely available across the country and then pass on those savings onto our customers. 

A lot has changed since 2019, but our mission has only become more important. We have parents’ needs at the center of any decision we make. One of the largest decisions we’ve made is to invest in a US diaper factory, making Hello Bello the only independent diaper company in the US to manufacture diapers from design to delivery. And trust us, this is a BFD. Let’s talk about why:


We provide superior quality control and produce best-in-class products for all families. Our diapers go through over 50 quality assurance tests to ensure we're delivering the premium quality we promise. We are in control of every decision made in our factory so we never sacrifice quality for costs or allow our innovations to result in price creep. 


We are deliberate in the innovations we pursue so they are the best for families and the planet we live on. In less than a year, we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint and provide greater sustainability in production and distribution. Our diapers are designed to have zero waste through the manufacturing process. Our machines use up to 50% less energy, and our factory is powered by 100% renewable energy! Other innovations include:

  • Stretchier Fit for Li’l Legs
  • Double Layer Leak Guards 
  • Eco-Friendlier Materials
  • Super Soft 

Read more about our innovations here


We chose a location that was centrally located to our customers, whether they purchase through Walmart, other retailers or from our website so we can provide more logistical efficiencies and reductions in freight transportation. All of these changes add up to a reduction in cost and a better environmental impact. Plus, we’re more reliable and nimble to best serve our customers! 

By buying diapers through Hello Bello, our customers are supporting us in expanding these efforts and making good on our promise. Parenting is at its best when we’re doing it together. As parents ourselves, we knew that community would be how we make Hello Bello the best it can be. We created a strong network through retailers like Walmart and our customers to continue providing premium products at non-premium prices. 



Hello Bello dipes are the best-fitting and highest-quality diapers we have tried for the price. We also love the shampoo and body wash!

Amy on

We love hello bello!! Thank you for the content and all the cute designs ! Absolutely love!

Elizabeth E Campbell on

Great products

Brianna on

We love all hello bello products especially the diapers and wipes. We love how affordable and cute they are. Hello Bello is our favorite brand.

Annie on

I buy your diapers for my grandbabies. My daughter loves them. She has 3 in diapers and this is the way to go! Thanks hello bello!!!

Pamela Harris on

Another factory for America…yay!

Vick Benizio on

I love these diapers ! They run a little big tho

Shea Floyd on

This is my first time using Hello Bello and just want to say. I love all the products I have used so far. The founders seem like great people and I appreciate their mission for this product. Thank you

Kim (Grammy) on

Thank you HelloBello!!!

jessica on

This was a good article to read.

Julia on

I love the changes you have made. I love the convenience of delivery, and your prices are affordable. Thank you!

James Tousignant on

Great info!

Jenny on

If in need of hello bello diapers they’re at my local Walmart if I run out of diapers. When ordering on the site I thought it would’ve taken longer to arrive bit it came within a week of ordering! So happy with the diapers with cute designs and there the only brand my 2 month old daughters not allergic too!

Cierra on

I was thankful when Hello bello diapers came out when they did in 2019. My son was allergic to other brands of diapers. We were having to buy an expensive brand of diapers. Hello bello saved me from buying the expensive brand of diapers. Thank you.

Mrs. Rothwell on

I love these diapers and i have been using them on all my kids. i have 3 in diapers and i love being able to order once a month and be set.

jennifer Garst on

Love the affordable monthly bundles.

Kayla on

I absolutely love these diapers! My little man never wakes up with wet clothes! Actually why I started using them :-)

Tisha Payne on

Love this.

Amy on

I still don’t buy at Walmart because I’m about convienece!!

Ashleigh on

Love Hello Bello and how they change the diaper healthy game!

Ytzel on

I really appreciate the quality of the hello bello diapers.

Stephanie Cady on

Good read!

Savanna on

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