This Ain't No Ordinary Plastic

This Ain't No Ordinary Plastic

You wouldn’t know by looking at it, but the bottle that holds our Organic Laundry Detergent is 50% sustainable sugarcane resin. Yep – plastic made from sugar! And, unlike plastic made from petroleum which leads to greenhouse gas emissions, every pound of sugar cane based polyethylene captures 2.15 pounds of the greenhouse gas CO2 because plants naturally absorb CO2 as they grow. (Admittedly, the production of it creates carbon dioxide emissions because of electricity and transportation, but it typically still ends up being carbon neutral – which is an awesome feat in the land of plastic.)

Why not make all of our packaging 100% plant-based plastic? While that would be dreamy, the chemistry and technology are just not there yet – meaning the plastics aren't as diverse or functional as traditional polymers. For example, a 100% sugarcane resin plastic bottle ends up being too weak and brittle to make a good container for laundry detergent.

Regardless, we're proud of our bottle as is and are looking for other innovative and eco-friendlier ways to reduce our use of petroleum-based plastics.

And, just so you know, our laundry detergent bottle is 100% recyclable along with traditional polyethylene. Just toss it in with your regular recycling.

Plant-based plastic can be pretty fantastic!


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