What Are Prebiotics (And Why Are They In Our Sunscreen)?

What Are Prebiotics (And Why Are They In Our Sunscreen)?

When we think about prebiotics and probiotics, it’s usually in the context of our tummies. Our gut microbiome is made up of itty bitty microbes, fungi, germs, and bacteria that help keep us healthy, “regular,” and energized. Probiotics (found in things like yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, and supplements) contain live bacteria and yeast that help balance the “good” bacteria with the “bad” bacteria so our bodies can do their very important work – like helping you fight off that virus going around your kiddo’s daycare. 

And while probiotics are ahhh-mazing, they’re nothing without prebiotics–a plant-based carbohydrate that acts as fuel for those hungry probiotics. Essentially, prebiotics fertilize the probiotics in and on your body so they aren’t running on empty. Together, they help your microbiome function like a well-oiled machine. 

But it’s not ALL about the gut. Our skin has a microbiome of its own! And since the skin is our largest organ, it’s *kind* of a big deal. Applied topically, prebiotics feed the probiotics living on the skin’s surface to help promote a calm complexion. Bacteria on your skin might sound like a recipe for disaster, but having plenty of friendly fungi is super important to your skin’s overall ecosystem. 

Prebiotics make everyone’s skin happy! It’s why we formulated our SPF 55+ Baby Sunscreen Lotion with prebiotic power. Along with natural emollients like shea and cocoa butter, our sunscreen includes Bacillus Ferment, a prebiotic that can help maintain law and order in your skin’s overall microbiome. 

Here are our three amazing benefits of topical prebiotics:


#1 Prebiotics Can Strengthen Your Skin’s Natural Barrier. 

Your wee one’s skin goes through A LOT on a daily basis–they encounter pollution, UV rays, allergens, harsh weather, or even less-than-ideal skincare products. That’s why it’s super important to protect those outer layers–aka the skin’s natural barrier. Studies show that prebiotics can promote a strong barrier by delivering ALL the beneficial nutrients our skin craves. A healthy seal helps lock in moisture and makes it harder for environmental stressors to get “under our skin.” 


#2 Prebiotics Help Soothe Sad Skin. 

Flaky, dry, red, congested, and sensitive skin can be a sign of a weakened skin barrier. Enter prebiotics! Research suggests that prebiotic-infused potions can help cool down inflammation-causing bacteria and pathogens without destroying those beneficial microbes already living in your skin’s microbiome. They’re a gentle and sustainable solution for lots of common skin woes! 

#3 Prebiotics Help Maintain Your Skin’s Microbiome.

We all know the importance of balance in our lives. Prebiotics get it, too! By partnering with probiotics, they keep the good bacteria and bad bacteria in check. When healthy microorganisms are allowed to thrive, your baby’s skin has all the tools it needs to stay soft, supple, and oh so glowy!


The bottom line? Prebiotics are the ultimate skin food. Working from the outside-in, they nurture the skin's microbiome to help your complexion get back to peak performance. Skin science FTW!   


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