15 Clever Ways to Use Everywhere Balm

15 Clever Ways to Use Everywhere Balm

Who doesn’t love a product that’s multifunctional and works overtime beyond imagination? We all do. Not only is it convenient, it’s also just so darn fulfilling to turn anything into a Swiss Army knife of functionality. And, to be honest, parents are the apex of experts on this. Because necessity is the mother of invention.

In your tool kit of essentials to deal with almost anything and everything, do not forget the Everywhere Balm

Here are 15 ways to flex the amazing benefits of this maximal multi-tasker.


1 – Soothe sad booties. Rub it on the bum when the true-blue rash creams aren’t available.

2 – Prevent chafing. Rub it anywhere those adorable chubs are rubbing together to prevent irritation.

3 – Moisturize cradle cap. Massage it into your kiddo’s cute little scalp. Wait 20-30 minutes. (They’ll be shining so silly cute – don’t forget to take some pics! ;) ) Gently comb, brush and shampoo your baby's hair as usual. (If you leave the oil in your baby's hair, the cradle cap may get worse.)


4 – Love those lips. A little dab will do ya!

5 – Dab under eyes with dark circles for deep moisturization at night before you go to sleep. 

6 – Soothe your schnoz. Rub a bit on an irritated, chapped nose.

7 – Use it to glow. Dab on cheek and brow bone for highlighting shine.

8 – Shape eyebrows. Tame those tiny beasts. 


9 – Love elbows and knees. Your joints are busy bees that benefit from some extra love.

10 – Soften cuticles. Rub a touch in. A little goes a long way. 

11 – Soothe itchy, dry skin. Anywhere your skin is sad, give it some love. 

12 – Soften calluses. Rub a generous amount into your feet, slap on some socks, and go to sleep. 


13 – Smooth split ends. Doing a deep condition? Add a tiny snitch of balm for some bomb effect.

14 – Tame flyaways. In a pinch, smooth strays with the teeniest amount of balm. (It’s like hairspray times 100, so just give that hair a hint of product.)

15 – Combat frizz. Add moisture to your mane with natural oils. 

    We know there are so many other uses for Everywhere Balm. Please share your tips in the comments!



    So is this safe to use on a butt rash ?

    Danielle on

    Hi Brittani! Thanks for submitting your question. Tamanu and baobab oils are not edible, so they would need to be fully absorbed by your skin before breastfeeding. Please check with your health care provider before using it in this way.

    Hello Bello on

    Can I use this as nipple cream ? For breast feeding?

    Brittani Railey on

    Hi there! Can it be used on scraped knees? A paediatrician suggested Aquaphor as a barrier under bandages and before baths but I’d rather use your natural stuff if it’s ok on roughed up skin!

    Amy on

    This is by far the best baby product I have ever bought! I’ve been using it on my daughter’s dry skin on her face. After 3 days her skin is so incredible hydrated and soft! I’m running back to the store to get the bigger size bottle now!

    Abigail Scott on

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