3 Ways to Give Back to Teachers This School Year

3 Ways to Give Back to Teachers This School Year

There’s so much to do and think about during the back to school rush – like getting your kid set up for success and your family set up for sanity! But don’t forget about your child’s teacher! They have their own looong to-do list as they prepare to welcome students for an awesome year of learning – everything from stocking the classroom to lesson planning to cleaning to teacher meetings. Being a teacher is one of the most selfless, important, and challenging jobs out there (Just imagine your child, then managing 25+ of them on a daily basis. Yikes!), so the more support they get from parents and community members, the better equipped they’ll be to get kiddos engaged and excited to learn. As you do your own prep work for the school year, think about all the awesome educators and how you might be able to lend a hand. We’ve got some ideas that’ll make your kid’s teacher feel seen and appreciated! 

Here are 3 ways to give back to teachers this school year. 

#1 Donate Supplies

Many teachers pay for their classroom essentials out of their own pocketbook, so they always appreciate donations to help stock and spruce up their classroom. If you’d like to contribute supplies, ask a teacher if they have an online wishlist you can buy from or consider gifting items from around your house that are no longer needed. Though before you send your kid to school with a box of second-hand goodies, always check with their teacher first to make sure your donation will be useful and helpful! Here are some common teacher needs: 

  • New or Gently Used Books – Grade-appropriate books from your home or the bookstore, used kids magazines, or even a one-year subscription to a publication like ChopChop Family or Highlights
  • Art Supplies – Paint, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, colored pencils, popsicle sticks, scissors, construction paper, and glue sticks.
  • Teaching Tools – Dry erase markers, white board cleaners, binders, sheet protectors, clipboards, flashcards, sticky notes, file folders, paperclips, tape, magnets, and bins/containers/tubs.
  • Fun and Games – New or gently used card and board games, puzzles, stickers, play dough, bouncy balls, and other “treasure chest” prizes and rewards. 

#2 Volunteer 

Sometimes your time is the best way to give back to a busy, overloaded teacher. Got a few hours? Let them know you are willing to help with anything they need to get ready for the jam-packed year ahead – like cleaning, making copies, setting up desks, organizing supplies, running errands, or assisting in the classroom once school is in session. 

#3 Treat Them! 

Teachers are people, too! During the school year they practically live in the classroom, so they super appreciate thoughtful gifts that make them feel celebrated. Just like anyone, teachers love gift cards for coffee, dinner, or a local spa. And if spendier gifts aren’t in your budget, sending simple thank you notes throughout the year goes a LONG way. 


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To celebrate this new program, we invited people to nominate teachers who could use some extra support. Here are just a few of the amazing nominees. Please consider pitching in a few bucks for their classroom wishlists. 

Carmen N. Schladant
BridgePrep Academy of Village Green
Miami, FL

"In Miami we get a lot of students that have newly arrived from other countries and making our classrooms a safe haven for them is a necessity. Our class isn’t just a home, our class is a family. I have an amazing group of kids and they make me feel so lucky to have this job."

Shelby Artman
Hough Elementary
Vancouver, WA

"I love my school and kids with all my heart. I cannot imagine teaching anywhere else. Hough is a Title I school. We feed into the homeless shelter and have many kids in need. Helping kids with trauma is my life passion. Often times kids come to school without school supplies and it is on us teachers to provide what families cannot. I love being a light in these little lives."

Jasmine Hernandez
Aspen Meadows
Fresno, CA

"The best way to describe my love for teaching is by simply sharing with others that this is my purpose. To help little ones grow and become world changers. My goal every day is to encourage kids to be the best that they can be and love themselves for who they are because that is so important."

Katie Clark
Godfrey Elementary
Wyoming, MI

"Godfrey is a Title 1 school and I work primarily with students who are English Language Learners, building their confidence in their communication abilities. I love my students and their families and would love to provide some updated materials to make our speech therapy sessions engaging and fun!"

How do you like to show support and appreciation for the teachers in your life? Share your ideas with us in the comments! And if you're a teacher with a wishlist, share your story and link! 


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Hi, I’m a special education teacher of classroom with students who wear pull ups and need wipes, as well as cleaning wipes and other similar products. It would be wonderful to donate or have access to thes products that are for such a special and wonderful group of kids ids who need our support!!

Courtney Mccormick on

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