Rule #1 When You're 7 Months Pregnant: You Do You

Rule #1 When You're 7 Months Pregnant: You Do You

To pee or not to pee is never the question. Pee.


It’s your third trimester, and from now on you can get away with anything and everything in the name of comfort. Nothing is off limits. Nothing. If the only way to keep cool is to stand naked in front of the air conditioner or refrigerator, then we won’t judge. If the same pair of stretchy pants is all you want to wear these days, then keep being cozy! And if this is your fifth trip to the bathroom in the past hour, there is no apology necessary. A happy pregnant woman is one with an empty bladder.

Your comfort is top priority right now, so set yourself up for as much R&R as possible. For a good night’s sleep, a fresh change of sheets can do wonders. Use a pregnancy pillow, or gather pillows of all sizes from around the house for added cushion between your knees and against your side. And since you never know when food cravings will strike, keep some snacks on your nightstand for a midnight nibble.

For staying sane during the day, swap out your office chair for an exercise ball to keep your body moving and relieve some of the pressure on your back. And if you absolutely must change out of your PJ’s, be sure to wear breathable clothes with lots of give. Think cotton fabrics, wrap dresses, and bottoms that can be fastened with a drawstring rather than buttons or zippers. If your budget allows, give yourself a break in the kitchen and order takeout (with enough for leftovers the next day, obviously).

Look forward to your evenings by creating an indulgent routine: soak your swollen feet in warm water and Epsom salts while you read a book or spend time connecting with your partner. And before you plop into bed, treat yourself with a nourishing body lotion or oil to combat itchy skin. 

Uncomfortable things are bound to happen when we give birth but, for now, put your body and mind at ease with what you can control. You’ve got this, queen!   

Your new mantra: Embrace your comfort zone. Then never leave ;) 


Baby Size-O-Meter: 7 months = eggplant


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