When Pregnancy Cravings Kick in During the 4th Month, Be Aware of Pica

When Pregnancy Cravings Kick in During the 4th Month, Be Aware of Pica

What's worse than stealing candy from a baby? Stealing food from a pregnant woman. The baby will forget. The mom? Oh, no. You will be the source of her wrath for the rest of your life.

You survived the first trimester rollercoaster and now you’re (hopefully) feeling less nauseous, more energetic, and ready to eat ALL the things. Pregnancy cravings are at a record high because your baby is on a mission to grow, grow, grow. When your little critter starts demanding exactly what they’re hungry for, you’ll know it. Dying for a bowl of spinach? Suddenly salivating over liver? Eating pickles out of the jar? Spoonfuls of ketchup? While pregnancy cravings can be wacky, go ahead and give in. Thanks to a combination of hormones, your piqued sense of smell, and possible nutritional deficiencies, these highly specific urges are normal.

What’s not normal? Craving unusual things like sand, chalk, and laundry detergent. This is an actual medical condition called Pica and if you notice yourself drooling over any type of non-food substance, be sure to call your doctor!

Eating for two has its benefits: No one raises an eyebrow when you go back for that third helping of mashed potatoes. Your significant other willingly makes emergency runs to the grocery store (at all hours of the night) for ice cream. Friends and neighbors might even bake you a sweet treat! Just remember that most women only need about 300-350 extra calories each day in their second trimester. Think yogurt topped with sliced fruit and granola—not an entire box of powdered sugar donut holes (sorry!). No matter your craving of the week, you and your kiddo still need nutritious food, so fill your plate with quality protein sources, fats, dairy, vegetables, and whole grains whenever possible.

Your new mantra: What the baby wants, the baby gets (within a bit of reason).

Baby Size-O-Meter: 4 months = avocado

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